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Becky G – Can’t Stop Dancin’ (Lyric) | Nov 06 14

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Thalia – Como Tu Hay Dos Ft. Becky G | Nov 02 14

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Becky performs new songs on tour! | Oct 20 14

Becky G performed three new songs during Katy Perry’s tour: Coolin’, Can’t Stop Dancing, and Move It.

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Becky’s new song “Can’t Stop Dancing” | Oct 16 14

Becky G called Ryan Seacrest live on his KIIS FM radio show at 7:15 AM (PT) today (Oct. 16) to give him the exclusive world premiere of her brand new single “Can’t Stop Dancing”. The Dr. Luke-produced Caribbean-esque mid-tempo pop jam is the official second single from the 17-year-old singer/rapper’s forthcoming full-length debut album due in stores in early 2015 via Kemosabe/RCA Records.

During her summer shows this year, Becky G included a few never-before-heard tracks on her setlist and “Can’t Stop Dancing” was one of them. It was obvious the sultry pop song was going to be on her debut LP but nobody even considered the idea “Can’t Stop Dancing” could be an official single. Becky G just didn’t give any clues. She just performed the song with the same “hype” she performed her other unheard tracks. So it isn’t until today that the Becky G fans that attended her summer tour find out that they had actually already heard the new Becky G single – and months before everyone else! “Can’t Stop Dancing” becomes the official follow-up to the pop hit “Shower”.

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Becky G Guest DJs on Ellen! | Oct 05 14

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Becky G Performs at People En Espanol Festival | Sep 17 14

Becky G opened for Zendaya at the People en Espanol Festival in San Antonio, TX, on August 30th, 2014.

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Shower Spanglish Version | Sep 13 14

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A Day In The Life Of Becky G | Sep 08 14

Becky G, 17, is standing in the middle of a crowded living room in Los Angeles’ Lawndale neighborhood, where everyone is talking about her underwear. She’s wearing a dangerous-looking skirt: vintage and covered in metal spikes, with a sheer panel that shows off her entire leg, ankle to hip. It’s nine in the morning and her mom is there, as is her aunt, one of her cousins, her style team, and a seamstress. They’re all studying her intently.

“Less butt,” Becky’s mom says. The stylist, looking on from another angle, considers a different undergarment. “The American Apparel kind,” she says. “It has fuller coverage.” Everyone nods and hands fly, each carefully marking what should show and what must be covered.

The stakes here are a bit higher than your average prom — Becky is a pop singer and rapper, preparing her red carpet look for MTV’s Video Music Awards. In a couple days she’ll be attending the awards show for a second time, but this year she’ll be promoting a bonafide hit — her song “Shower,” released in April, climbed to the No. 16 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart over the summer. (In May, she reached No. 1 on the Latin Airplay chart with another song, Pitbull collaboration “Can’t Get Enough.”)

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Becky G sings ‘Shower’ on TODAY | Aug 07 14

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Becky G’s Teenage Dream: The Billboard Photo Shoot | Aug 07 14

Becky G, Dr. Luke’s boundary-breaking YouTube discovery, is 17 and burning up Billboard’s Hot 100 and Latin charts. But the teen sensation — whose real name is Becky Gomez — isn’t taking any of her success for granted.

“I’m lying in bed, looking at the ceiling, on a natural high of, ‘Oh my God, this is my life. Like, this isn’t a movie,'” says Gomez.

“I got discovered off of YouTube,” says Gomez. “If it weren’t for my fans, I wouldn’t be where I am. I felt like I should make them part of this.”

In fact, like she did with her 2013 EP Play It Again, she plans to ask her Twitter followers to name her upcoming album.

“I couldn’t sing about being in love then,” Gomez says about when she was younger. “It wouldn’t be as believable.”

“I saw a crazy determination,” says Dr Luke. “She was only 14, but she was a star. When I met her, I didn’t even know she could sing too. I was like, ‘Let’s go.'”

“I needed something that was going to get me out of the garage and help out at the same time — and what better way than to do what I love?” Gomez says about living in her grandparents’ garage during one particularly rough patch in her family’s life.

“As a marketer, I see her as the greatest thing that ever walked the planet,” jokes marketing consultant Paul Kremen.

“This is me, living this,” says Gomez. “Right now. It’s crazy.”

Source: Billboard

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Becky G’s “Shower” Gets A Club-Friendly Jump Smokers Remix | Aug 07 14

Becky G has already conquered pop radio and iTunes with breakthrough hit “Shower”, which climbed to a new peak of number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. Next stop on the 17-year-old’s agenda is clubland. Her irresistible anthem has been overhauled by the ever-reliable Jump Smokers and is now the perfect addition to your workout playlist.

“Shower” is one of those songs that could probably be covered by a death metal band and still sound adorable. As such, there’s no risk of the Chicago DJs diminishing the unstoppable earworm’s appeal by upping the BPM and adding a drop. From the bathroom to the club, there’s simply more opportunity to enjoy Becky G’s summer smash. Listen to the finely-calibrated remix after the jump.

Source: Idolator

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Shower Music Video | Jun 29 14